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Injector Removal and Dismantling Set 21pcs


Item Description

Suitable for the fast and safe removal of Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens diesel injectors.
Universal joint: M18×1.5

Special bit insert hex 10mm×∅7.6: 1x special-use Allen SW10 with 7.5 mm bore, 1/2 drive, to remove the fixing ring, for example, Bosch injectors at MB CDI and PSA HDI

Special bit insert hex 10mm×∅6.6: for releasing the internal screw of the CR injectors.

Pull Spindle: IT M16×1.0 for Denso (Toyota 2.2D)

Pull Spindle: IT M17×1.0 for Bosch injectors, e.g., Alfa, BMW, Fiat, MB, PSA and Renault
Pull Spindle: IT M20×1.0 for Denso 
Pull Spindle: IT M25×1.0 Siemens injectors, e.g. PSA (DW10)
Pull Spindle: IT M27×1.0 Siemens injectors, e.g. PSA (DW10)
Pull Spindle: OT M16×1.5 Pull Adapter for M16 x1.5 thread, such as used in Facom tools.     
Pull Spindle: OT M14×1.5 Internal thread for Bosch / Delphi Injectors, e.g. MB (OM 629/642/646), PSA (DV4 / DW12), VW (CBD), BMW (M47)
Pull Spindle: OT M25×0.5 for Denso
Pull Spindle: OT M25×0.75 for Denso
Pull Spindle: OT M27×1.0 for Siemens, e.g. Citroen C5 / Jumpy / Xsara, Fiat Ducato JTD, Peugeot 206/307/406 / Boxer (2.0 / 2.2 / 2.3 HDI) Mercedes-Benz CDI (except A-Class (Sprinter / Vito)       

Special socket (25mm) for Siemens Injectors - 2.0 Hdi (DW Series) As found on PSA, Ford, Toyota etc 

Special socket (27mm) for Siemens Piezo Injectors – 2.0 Hdi Piezo (DW Series) As found on PSA etc   
Special socket (29mm) for Bosch type injectors – Bosch Cdi / Hdi engines
Special socket (30mm) for Bosch type injectors – Bosch Renault / Nissan 1.9dCi 

Injector gripper (12.0mm) for MB CDI-engines, except Sprinter, Vito and A-class

Injector gripper (13.5mm) for Opel Renault F9Q
Injector gripper (16.0mm) for Fiat Ducato JTD, Citroen C5, Xsara, Jumpy and Jumper HDI and Peugeot 206, 307, 406, Boxer HDI (2.0, 2.2, 2.3I)       
Injector gripper (26.0mm) for Opel Z19DT / Z19DTH / Z19DTL engines, A20DTH (LBS) / A20DTR (LBY) / A20DTJ (LBX) / A20DTC (LCD) and Fiat 1.9 JTD