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Battery Service Kit 7pcs


Item Description

Seven favorite battery tools
Housed in a rugged, vinyl-coated fabric pouch

Kit includes: a heavy duty battery terminal puller, 4-way battery post cleaner and reamer, angled battery nut pliers, GM 5/16” battery terminal ratchet wrench, extra long 5/16” terminal ratchet wrench, 10 mm battery terminal ratchet wrench, and side terminal battery brush.

•Angle Nose Plier-Rounded nose protects battery from damage. Jaws are offset 30° for better leverage. 7-3/4" long.

•Side Terminal Cleaner-Cutters on one side clean battery contacts; brush on the other side cleans cable contact. 4-1/2" long.
•Terminal Cleaner with Side Terminal Brush-Cleans positive and negative posts and cable clamps. Includes a small, circular wire brush with a protective cap to clean side terminals. Red plastic body.
•Self-Locking Jaws Cable Clamp Puller-Self locking jaws securely grip terminal and pulls without damage to post. 1-3/4" spread.
•3/8"(10mm) Ratchet Wrench
•5/16"(8mm) GM Battery Terminal Wrench
•3/8"(10mm) GM Battery Terminal Wrench