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4” Gear Puller - CRV Gear Puller


Item Description

4” Gear Puller (Red color)

  • Quick switch mechanism.
  • Can switch between 2 or 3 jaws mode and internal/external grip mode.
  • Handles up to 5 times more load compared to traditional gear pullers.
Operate Instruction:
1. You can operate this product with 3 Jaws or 2 Jaws pulling, even two different pulling ways: External or Internal. Only need to change or convert Jaws assembling.

2. How to change or convert jaws assembling: Please relax the round screw cap in order to release the pressure spring. Then, you can easy to move the jaws from the central cross arm.

3. When you operate this product, please make sure all parts are fixed on the right place.

4. It is important to keep maintaining all the part and keep them clean.