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Pulley Puller and Installer Set


Item Description

Remove pressed-on alternator and power steering pulleys on late-model GM, Ford and Chrysler engines. The threaded end installs late-model GM alternator and power steering pulleys, including Quad 4. Reverse the jaws to pull the alternator internal bearing. The puller fits some AMCs.
*Replacement part: 700-01 Puller Body (Letter A)
*Replacement part: 700-02 Jaw and Sleeve Assembly (Letter B)
*Replacement part: 700-03 Jackscrew (Letter C)
*Replacement part: 700-04 Button (Letter D)
*Replacement part: 700-05 Bearing and Was her (Letter E and F)
*Replacement part: 700-06 Puller Pin for Quad 4 (Letter G)
*Replacement part: 700-07 Screw Installer for Quad 4 (Letter H)
*Replacement part: 700-08 Puller Pin for GM 3.1 (Letter J)
*Replacement part: 700-09 Screw Installer for GM 3.1 (Letter K)
*Replacement part: 700-10 Screw Installer for Ford 4.6 (Letter M)
*Replacement part: 700-11 Screw Installer for Others (Letter N)

Will not work on 3.3L and 3.5L Chrysler engines