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Universal Ratcheting Punch Perfect Holes Into Bumpers


Item Description

Materia:Cr-V Steel
The Press-it hole puncher kit is designed for punching holes into
bumpersto mount parking sensors. The size of the holes are
different from vehicle to vehicle.
Advantages of the kit:
1.With the different cutters you can switch between hole sizes.
Thus the holes have the optimal diameter to set the parking sensors.
2.the Press-it System is that pressing in the holes is taken place
after the painting.The varnish is moved in at the edges and as a
result there are no sharp edges.
3.the sensitivity of the sensors, they have to be fixed in millimeter
precision to guarantee a proper function.
Easy and professional punching of holes, according to the requirements
of most automobile manufacturer With the right cutter a custom-fit hole is
punched into the bumper Suitable for;
Punch & Mandrell 18,2: Supplies usual models from: BMW, Volkswagen
Punch & Mandrell 24,0: Supplies usual models from: Opel
Punch & Mandrell 26,0: Supplies usual models from: Volkswagen
Punch & Mandrell 32,0: Supplies usual models from: BMW