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5.5L Pneumatic Fluid Extractor


Item Description


Air Inlet:1/4"
Avg. Air Cons: 4.5 CFM
Working Pressure: 40 ~ 170 PSI
Temperature Range: -3 ~ 140
Max. Capacity: 5500 C.C

1 PCS 7.8 x 9.8 Nylon hose
1 PCS 5.3 x 6.7 Nylon hose
1 PCS 4 x 8 Silicon on hose
1 PCS Leader wire



  • Extract many kinds of non-explosive liquids within 3 min.
  • None electric spark and safety for workshop.
  • New safety design, when the tank is full of liquid, air inlet mechanism will be shut off automatically.
  • One man, fast, clean and simply operating.

5.5L Pneumatic Fluid Extractor
Simple and easy to operate suitable for engine oil.
Gear oil transmission and brake fluid water...
Extract within 3 Min.for 5.5 liter engine oil.
Non-Spark power oil extracting.
One man , clean operation, quick and safety.
Pneumatic Fluid Extractor 5.5L
Pneumatic / Air Brake Oil Extractor and Brake auto Bleed / Bleeder Kit