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Professional Engine Timing Locking Tool Set - CITROEN & PEUGEOT


Item Description

This comprehensive set tools enables the correct engine timing to be made when replacing the timing belt. Suitable for use on the most recent cars with either HPI (petrol) or HDI (diesel) engines.

Citroen: AX, BX, ZX, XM, Visa, Saxo, Xsara, Xantia Synergie / Evasion, Berlingo, Jumpy, C15, C25, Picasso, C5
Peugeot: 106, 205, 305, 306, 307, 309, 405, 406, 605, 607, Expert, Partner, Boxer

Tensioning Tool  4507-TJ, 0132X, 0132X1Z, 9767.89

Crankshaft Timing Pin 6mm  0132Q, 5711-TA

Camshaft/Crankshaft Timing Pin (2)  0132R,4507-TB, 9767.27
Camshaft Timing Pins (2)  7014-TM
Flywheel Locking Pin  0132QZ, 4507-TA
Flywheel Locking Pin  0189-C
Crankshaft Timing Pin 8mm  0153G, 0153Y, 0153N, 0188D
Crankshaft Timing Pin 7mm  7017-TR
Crankshaft Timing Pin  0118X
M8 x 40mm Locking Screw  
Camshaft Locking Pin 5mm (2)  0132-AB, 4527-TS2, 5711-TD
Crankshaft Timing Pin  0189-B
Camshaft Timing Pins (2)  5711-TC, 9041-TZ
Crankshaft Timing Pin  0188-H
Injection Pump Timing Pin  4527-TS1
Camshaft Timing  0132AJ2, 0188M, 4533-TAC2
Crankshaft Timing Pin  0132AJ2, 4533TAC1
Crankshaft Timing Pin  0189-A
Crankshaft Timing Pin  0189AZ
Intel Camshaft Timing Pin (VTC)  0189-L
Crankshaft Timing Pin 8mm  0153N, 0188D, 0188Y, 0288D, 7099-TM
M8 x 35 Locking Screw  
Crankshaft Pulley Remover  0188P/P2, 7015T
Flywheel Locking Tool  0134AF, 0188F, 9044-T
Timing Belt Retaining Clip  0132.AK, 0153-AK, 0187-J, 0188-K, 4533-TAD
Flywheel Locking Tool  D86, 0153A, 6012T, 9765-54, 9044
AA  Crankshaft Timing Pin  0118X
AB  Tensioner Tool  188J2
AC  Tensioner Tool  0178E, 5711TE, 0178J/J2
AD  Tensioner Adjuster 8mm Hex  7017-TW
AE  Timing Pin  0194B
AF  Tensioner Adjusting Tool  0189-S1
AG  Tensioner Locking Tool  0189-S2
AH  Flywheel/Drive Plate Locking Tool  0189R
AI  Tensioner Tool  
AJ  Tensioner Locking Pin  7017TR, 0153U
AK  Crank Gear Positioning Tool  0188AH
AL  M8 x 70mm Setscrew  0188X