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Oil Pressure Gauge Set


Item Description

Use on diesel and gasoline engines.
Includes standard and metric adaptors for most popular domestic and import cars, trucks, tractors and stationary engines.
Features bright, easy-to-read gauge with black protective boot. Includes plastic storage case.

0-100 PSI (0-700 kPa) Gauge Assembly
Adaptor (1/8-27 to 1/4-18)
Adaptor (1/8-27 to 1/-28 BSPT)
Adaptor (1/8-27 to M12-1.5)
Street Elbow
Hose Assembly
Adaptor (1/8-27 to 3/8-18)
Adaptor (1/8-27 to M10-1.0)
Adaptor (1/8-27 to M14-1.5)
2" Large Nipple