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1/2" SQ Torque Stick & Aluminium Wheel Impact Socket Set 8pc


Item Description

Set includes alloy steel torque sticks and Chrome Molybdenum impact sockets, which are hardened, tempered and anodised for corrosion resistance.
Both are designed for use with air and electric impact wrenches and are colour-coded for easy selection.
The torque sticks prevent over-torquing of wheel nuts which causes distortion of wheels, drums and discs which can produce brake pulsation.
Torque sticks can be used with any impact grade sockets and are especially suitable for thin-walled sockets.
Popular torque rates for most cars and light commercial vehicles.
The impact sockets are sleeved to prevent damage to alloy wheels.
Torque Sticks:
Colour: Torque Rating
Yellow: 80lb.ft (110Nm)
Red: 90lb.ft (120Nm)
Blue: 100lb.ft (135Nm)
Orange: 110lb.ft (150Nm)
Impact Sockets:
Colour: Size
Blue: 17mm
Gold: 19mm
Red: 21mm
Green: 22mm