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Ford Transit Front Wheel Bearing Removal Tool


Item Description

This time and effort saving tool is specifically designed for use with Ford Transit models manufactured from 2006 onwards. It is manufactured for the easy removal and repair of front wheel bearings. Allows separation from suspension upright of the bearing housing/drive flange assemble for disc removal.

Designed to separate the drive flange from the bearing to allow drive flange to be re-used Time and effort saver. This kit has been developed to remove the front wheel bearing housing from the front drive flange. The front bearings are integral of their outer housing and due to their design are rendered unserviceable when separated from the drive flange. This tool kit separates the old bearing from the drive flange to allow the bearing to be replaced without having to replace the drive flange. Once the outer bearing housing has been removed, the outer inner bearing race ring must be removed. For this task additional equipment is required, traditionally this is done with an angle grinder.
Grips on the bearing taper and does not need to act as a wedge. Provides a safer, faster means of bearing removal without grinding. An engineered solution specifically designed for the Ford Transit with 3 legged puller design.

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