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Punch and Chisel Set 16pcs


Item Description

Product material: CR-V and hardness: 54~58HRC
(5) Taper Punches
3/32"x5/16"X5-1/4"Taper Punch
1/8"X3/8"X5-3/4" Taper Punch
5/32"X3/8"X6" Taper Punch
3/16"X11mmX6-1/4" Taper Punch
1/4"X12mmX6-3/4" Taper Punch
(5) Pin Punches
1/4"x11mmX6-3/4" Pin Punch
3/16"x3/8"x5-1/4" Pin Punch
5/32"x3/8"x6" Pin Punch
1/8"x5/16"X5-3/4" Pin Punch
3/32"X1/4"X5-1/4" Pin Punch
(2) Center Punches
1/8"x8mmX5" Center Punch
3/16"x11mmX6" Center Punch
(3) Cold Chisels
5/8"X12mmX6-1/2" Cold Chisel
1/2"x11mmx6" Cold Chisel
3/8"x8mmx5-1/2" Cold Chisel
(1) Chisel Gauge