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1/8” ~ 1-1/4” Medium Tube Cutter with Titanium Finishing Blade


Item Description

Medium Spring Tube Cutter

  • 1/8” ~ 1-1/4” OD
  • TPR Handle
  • High Speed Steel Blade with Titanium Finishing Blade
TATZD011 Chrome Plated Blade
TATZD012 Titanium Finishing Blade

Smart Spring Design
Addition of a spring as part of the cutter greatly improves cutting action. 

With a spring, constant pressure is applied to the tube. Once tightened, the knob does not need to be adjusted again because the tightness is always maintained. Also, non-round tubes can now be cut because the spring automatically adjusts the blade to the shape of the tube.  

The spring also relieves pressure from the blade, making the blade last longer and creates a smooth, effortless cutting motion.

Center Channel
When a blade cuts into the tube, the side walls of the blade track will be pushed outwards. Traditional rollers flatten the walls as the cutter is turned. The flattened walls damage the blade and the roller by scratching the surface.

A center groove on the roller prevents the track from being flattened. Therefore, blade and roller life are prolonged because there is no longer friction between their surface and the blade track.

TPR Handles
Patented TPR knob and handles on all products gives a good tactile feedback and is easy to trip. Multiple colors are available for all aesthetic needs.