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Cam Timing Locking Tool Set for GM 2.5/2.8L Diesel


Item Description

The camshaft timing reluctor changed for MY2014, so that previous tool EN-50029 will not fit the 2014MY camshaft. EN-51025 fits the new reluctor on one end, and bolts to the cylinder head face on the other to hold the camshaft in position to set base engine timing. Unapproved methods will damage the camshaft, reluctor, or block face.

The diesel fuel injection pump and sprocket changed for MY2014, and previous tool EN-50025 will not fit the new sprocket. EN-51104 fits over the sprocket, engaging its teeth to provide a means to hold the sprocket. This allows the retaining nut to be removed or installed. Unapproved methods may damage the sprocket or block sealing surface.

Applications: for 2014 Colorado / Trailblazer
For 2014 and later Chevy & GMC trucks with 2.8L (LWN) or 2.5L (LKH) "Baby" Duramax Turbo-Diesel.

EN-51025: Camshaft Timing Tool
EN-51104: HP Fuel Pump Sprocket Locking Tool