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Pneumatic Oil(ATF) & Liquid Dispenser +14 Pcs (ATF) Adapter +Universal Flexible Rubber Nozzle.


Item Description

* Use to extract , transfer and dispense fluid quickly,safety and cleanly.
* Non-spark , one man in same step operate.
* Provide with the safety valve, pre-setting 43 psi (3 Bar), the exceed
   pressure will be refief automatically
* Provide with the pressure gauge , can be read & control the pressure
   in the tank more easilly.
* 10L capacity reservoir with volume guide.
* Nylon hose X 1M & 2 M pu hose w/one touch control gun for easy
* One touch adapter for ATF oil transportation.
* Screw valve to allow easy change extract or dispense.
* High flow controll valve for extract fluid more quickly.
* Copper materoal one touch coupler design for easy operating
* Handle trigger with lock.
* Nylon hose 1M
* Pu hose w/one touch control gun x 2M
* 14 PCs one touch transportation adapter / Blow case
* Air inlet 1/4"
* AVG. Air cons 2CFM
* Working pressure 90Psi
* Temperature range -3°-140°F
* Max. Capacity 10000cc