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90 Degree Angle ScrewDriver For Moto Carburetor Tool -2A Kit


Item Description

Slotted & 7 pcs interchangeable screwdriver head for flat head andphillips head bit.
High-quality specialist tools with precision 90-degree angle drive. Enables hard-to-reach air or fuel mixture screws to be adjusted,and can also be used for other adjustments in inaccessible places onyour bike. Contents: Angled screwdriver length 485 mm, one rotation of the handle is translated into one full revolution ofthe bolt. Additional handle for accurate tool guidance. Flat screwdriver head for smaller slotted screws (blade tip 5x0.8 mm), incl. 32 mm high bit -perfect even when space is strictly limited. Interchangeable screwdriver head for slotted and cross slotted bitin various lengths, with 55-120 mm bit height. Five slotted screwdriver bits for interchangeable head (blade tip5x0.8 mm), 25, 28, 35, 58, 95 mm long. Two cross slotted bits for interchangeable head(suitable forscrews up to approx. M5), 35 and 58 mm long.