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(340~610mm) Telescoping Air Blow Gun with Swivel Nozzle


Item Description

Extendable feature allow user to extend up to 610mm for deep tight spot blowing.

Adjusting the nozzle to reach different angle for air blow.

Ideal for cleaning debris from a work space, drying wet surfaces, blowing up balloons and many more creative applications.

Narrow Ø6mm extended nozzle fits into confined spaces with ease.

Trigger helps control airflow to the nozzle and enables full-line pressure to be used.

The durable Brass air inlet for replacement air plug/connector.

Pistol grip provides a nonslip surface for easy use.

Hook and hanging hole for easy place.

Composite body for comfortable use.

Nozzle size: Ø6x340-610mm

Material: Body - NY+GF ,Trigger - POM,Piston - NY+GF,Nozzle - Steel ,Air Inlet - Brass

Working Pressure: 110~160 psi (7.7~11kg)

Max Pressure: 220 psi (15kg)

Air Inlet Thread: 1/4"

Air Consumption(85psi): 7.6CFM (215L/MIN)

Temperature range: -20°C to 85°C (-4°F to 185°F)